What are the (a) size and (b) direction (up or down) of current i in Fig, where all resistances are 4.0 Ω and all batteries are ideal and have an emf of 10 V? (Hint: This can be answered using only mental calculation.)

enter image description here

I'm pretty sure KCL/KVL are not the right strategy here. There must exist a clever way to solve this.

My approach 1 : I've tried to find a loop which contains only batteries and the resistor in question, but it seems there is no such trivial loop. Stuck.

My approach 2 : I've simplified series parallel resistors where they give integer equivalent resistances. But the resultant circuit is still not that simple. Stuck. Appreciate any help. Thanks!


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    $\begingroup$ You might want first to consider the “outsidemost” loop, containing batteries and a single resistor, as your way in. $\endgroup$ – ZeroTheHero Apr 26 '18 at 14:59
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