In the context of spin-waves I have seen the following words as descriptors*:

  • Acoustic
  • Optical
  • Ferromagnetic
  • Antiferromagnetic

which I have seen used together e.g. "acoustic ferromagnetic spin waves" as well as individually e.g. "antiferromagnetic spinwave". I am assuming that acoustic means the dispersion relation goes to zero (see my related question) as $k\rightarrow 0$ whilst optical means it does not. But I am yet to find any clear cut definition of what the qualification of Ferromagnetic and Antiferromgantic mean. Please can someone explain this to me?

*The source is not in the public domain but a quick search on your favorite search engine should bring up sources with the individual terms.


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A ferromagnetic spin wave belongs to a ferromagnet, where there is a net magnetic moment, while an antiferromagnetic spin wave belongs to an antiferromagnet, where there is no net magnetic moment. Does this answer your question?


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