In Tamil-Nadu, the Indian government is going to start a neutrino project.


  1. Is it harmful for people who stay there?

  2. Will this project affect any living beings?

  3. Does it cause any pollution?

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India-based Neutrino Observatory (INO) is a particle physics research project under construction to primarily study atmospheric neutrinos in a 1,300 meters (4,300 ft) deep cave under Ino Peak near Theni, Tamil Nadu, India. This project is notable in that it is anticipated to provide a precise measurement of neutrino mixing parameters. The project is a multi-institute collaboration and one of the biggest experimental particle physics projects undertaken in India.

There is no more danger than in any other place on earth of the same latitude Atmospheric neutrinos arrive all the time and interact very weakly and that is why one needs experiments where all other interactions are stopped and only neutrinos can be the reason of seeing a scatter.(deep caves).

Is it harmful for people who stay there?

No, they will get the same atmospheric neutrinos whether the experiment is there or not

Will this project affect any living beings?

Only for the better , as said in the other answer by freecharly

Does it cause any pollution?

It is the polution happening when a university opens in a small town.

It is absolutely safe for the population.


The neutrinos that are there anyway are only detected in this project and pose no harm to anybody anyway. If one thinks hard about possible detrimental scenarios to the local population, it would be the additional need of electricity and water, new (educated) people arriving who are looking for housing, schooling, supplies, diversion, and possibly a minor earthquake if the underground cave unexpectedly collapses. But the latter seems to be extremely unlikely. The arrival of many people working on the project may well give a substantial boost to the local economy.


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