Concave mirrors always form real image except when the object is between pole and focus..also why do we always get an enlarged image in concave mirror


Note the focal length of the spoon will be only a few centimetres if that.

If you can get close enough so that your face is closer than the focal length of the spoon then you would see a magnified and upright image which is virtual.
This is the arrangement used for a shaving or make up mirror but they have larger focal lengths.

enter image description here

However you are more likely to be seeing a diminished and inverted image which is real and located between your face and the spoon.
Your face will be greater than two focal length from the spoon.

enter image description here

The real image appears to be in the vicinity of the spoon but you can located by using the no-parallax method as described here for a concave mirror and for a convex lens here which can be adapted for the spoon.
Such attempts at the location of the real image will be more difficult because of the aberrations caused by the non-spherical shape of the spoon.

I have used the images from this website.


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