Ok, so not that 'where on earth', like literally - 'Where on Earth'.

Where on Earth, can you find matter in the 4th state, i.e. the plasma state?


Plasmas are a common part of the world we live in. The definition of plasma allows them to exist within an environment consisting mostly of bound atoms.

A variety of human technology creates plasmas. The type I hear plasma researchers reference most is a simple RF Plasma. This is perhaps the most direct way to use electricity to shake off the electrons from their atoms within a confined volume by using fast oscillating electromagnetic fields.

Nature also creates plasma. An Aurora is certainly included. Many less "exotic" plasma states are much more common. A fire has a low population of the ionized species, but is still a plasma. From the Wikipedia plasma article:

types of plasmas


See Wikipedia for a list of available plasmas over there..! Or have a look below for the chart which shows variation of temperature and electron density in different plasmas..!


A quick Googling would've provided the answer. Common examples include

  • Lightning..!
  • The Sun (from Core to Corona)
  • Fluorescent Lights and Neon Signs
  • Nebulae (Luminous Clouds in Space)
  • The Solar Wind
  • Primordial Fusion during the evolution of the Universe
  • Magnetic Confinement Fusion Plasmas
  • Inertially Confined Fusion Plasmas
  • Flames as Plasmas
  • Auroras (Northern & Southern Lights)
  • Interstellar Space (It's not empty... It's a plasma)
  • Quasars, Radiogalaxies, and Galaxies (Emit plasma radiation and microwaves)
  • Large Scale Structures of Galaxies (Filamentary and magnetized..!)
  • Dense Solid State Matter (When shocked by nuclear explosion or earthquakes which emit both visible light and radio waves)

Naturally ? Probably lightning


Lightning, Arcing (Between electrodes or in high voltage power line), The every CFL lamp that you see around, Plasma TV, Halogen Lightning. Aurora, and I am sure i am missing few others.


Best example of plasma on earth is lightning. It's, natural. plasma exists at high temperatures. Those temperatures don't usually exist here. But, they do for a brief second in a bolt of lightning

  • Sun
  • Solar wind
  • Auroras
  • Nebulae
  • Fluorescent lights
  • Neon signs

Electric is a type of plasma.Lightning is electric.Lamps and bulbs are lighten up by electric.All are plasmas

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