Since gas flows from an area of high pressure to low pressure, upon opening an aperture on say a balloon one would expect the contents to diffuse out until both the inside and outside reach a pressure equilibrium.

I was wondering if there is any way to quantitatively determine the rate at which this occurs, presumably modeled by some function of time.

I've attempted to find a solution online, but I can't seem to find anything quantitive. Thanks!

  • $\begingroup$ Sure, but this model require some differential equations. Can you sketch some of them? $\endgroup$ – Brethlosze Nov 26 '17 at 3:48
  • $\begingroup$ Can we assume that there is a small pipe attached to the balloon at its neck? Can we assume that we know the non-linear stress-strain properties of the balloon rubber membrane comprising the balloon? $\endgroup$ – Chet Miller Nov 26 '17 at 4:30

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