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Can anyone help me with this one please?! I want to find the total resistance but the circuit seems neither parallel nor serie. What should I do?! enter image description here


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To solve your problem, you need the total current $I_{tot}$ and the applied voltage $V$. Moreover, you want $I_1\ldots I_5$ and $U_1\ldots U_5$. That makes in total 12 unknown quantities, so you need 12 equations.

You get 5 equations from $U_j=R_j I_j$, so 7 more to go. These follow from Kirchhoffs laws: I see three loops and 4 junctions, which gives you 7 equations, e.g. $V=U_2+U_4$ and $I_{tot}=I_1+I_2$.

Good luck.


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