Why the high frequency like light waves cant pass through walls ...etc , and low frequency waves like radio waves can , i'm not looking for a math answer just trying to understand whats happening ?

my image of this is low frequency wave don't have too much energy to push electrons from their energy level to another atom energy level so they just leave the electron and just go to the next one and try the same thing is this close to what is happening , AND IF THIS THE CASE HOW X-RAYS used to capture things considering it has a very high frequency.


What i found is that Radio waves "low frequency waves" can go through the eg "concrete wall" because the number of the photons hitting that electron in the concrete atom is too low to push it "Low Frequency" ,, thus the photon dos not get observed. If we have let's say a thin sheet of metal the structure of metal has loosely electrons so they need less frequency less photons push hitting that electron. And in the case of X-ray it used because of technical problem that is all radio wave are passing through a human hand as example because of that kind of material need a lot of photons to hit that electron to make it interact and observe the photon" , that's not useful to capture an image thus x-rays high frequency waves will feed up all electrons causing the other photons to have no electrons to get interact with so it just go throw and the percent of photons that go throw is depending on how much frequency and the material target ,,, and to capture a photo for human hand the empty space like broken bone will have an free space that more of the x-ray are passing through ,,and in the case of gamma rays used on very thick metal cuze it have a very high frequency needed to feed up all electron in a metal or a concert and let some of it passthrough and the free space places in the target will make more wave through ,, that what the analogy that i have concluded i don't know if this 100% accurate but when applying this analogy on verses station it works fine

What's i'm asking this above analogy is correct ?

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    $\begingroup$ Reinforced concrete has metal bars that reflect EM, pure and dry concrete is a good dielectric for radio and mostly transparent; its water content absorbs, just as mud does, when wet. $\endgroup$ – hyportnex Sep 17 '17 at 1:46

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