at the start i want to mention that i am from germany, so my english is not the best!

For a boat simultaion project i am working linear motion equation with intital velocity and water drag.

For simplicity i use drag with: $$ bv^2 $$ -> For a Boat with motorforce F i got this equation $$ ma + bv^2 = F $$ I solved it by using $$ v_{max} = \sqrt{F/b} $$ and got $$ v = v_{max} * \tanh(\sqrt{Fb}/m * t + c) $$ For inital velocity -> c = 0 the equation graph looks fine. But wenn i set c to something higher then v_max the graph is just moved to the left. But i need an equation where you can put your intial velocity in and a maximal velocity (depending on the motorforce) and the velocity starts to rise or fall after t = 0!

Thanks for your help

EDIT 1: i modifided my equation without mathematic and my results are looking great but i dunno if its correct. Some feedback would be awsome =)

$$ v= v_{init} - (v_{init} - v_{max})*tanh(\sqrt{Fb}/m * t) $$ $$ s= m(\sqrt{F/b} - v_{init}) * ln(cosh(t\sqrt{F*b}/m))/\sqrt{F*b)} + v_{init}t + s_0 $$


The solution of your equation is

$$v(t) = v_{max}\tanh\left(\frac{\sqrt{bF}}{m}t+\tanh^{-1}\frac{v_0}{v_{max}}\right)$$

where $v_0$ is the initial speed.


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