I am currently solving for the equivalent Norton current through this circuit. To solve for it, I turned my schematic into an open circuit (not pictured) and I need to calculate the current through the wire of zero resistance (top). However, my answer key says no current runs through the top wire. How come? Any help would be appreciated.enter image description here


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For the moment forget about the short circuit.

What you have is two potential dividers fed from the same voltage source which I have assumed is 3 V.

enter image description here

Since both sets of resistors are in the ratio of 2:1 the voltages across them must also be in that ratio as shown in the diagram.

Node C has a potential of 2 V lower than that of node B and node D has a potential of 2 V lower than that of node B.

So the potential difference between nodes C and D is zero.

Connecting a conductor between nodes C and D will result in no current flowing through the conductor.


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