I know you can make water flow backward or make plants seem alive by changing the frame rate per second(FPS) of a camera. But what would happen if the camera took a video in an environment where the light(or a LED lamp) would flicker at the same FPS of the camera.

I tried to accomplish this with an Arduino Nano, or microcontroller board, that flickered a LED at approximately 62.4999 Hz(The Threshold).

Here is the link to the video.

Unfortunately, I can't get my threshold precise enough because the double variables in computer science get corrupted after 7 digits.

  • If I positioned the camera in landscape mode and made the LED's frequency above the threshold, the camera's shutter(or the black line)will travel upward.
  • If I made the LED's frequency below the threshold, the camera's shutter will travel downward.

    I know that getting the right FPS will make the shutter look still.

The question is, what would happen if I took videos with the camera when both the camera and the light sync at the same frequency or FPS?


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