Case 1: when a player kicks the ball in soccer game

Case 2: When a fast bowler swing the ball in cricket

In both cases the ball makes a curvature. How this happens ? Is there any Law of Physics behind them? Does both the case undergoes same phenomenon?

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    $\begingroup$ Do you mean vertical curvature (up-down) or horizontal curvature (left-right)? $\endgroup$ – mpv May 3 '17 at 8:00
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When a player kicks the ball up he imparts to the ball velocity in the required direction. This velocity can be split up into a horizontal component (let us say x direction) and a vertical one (y axis). Since there is no force any x axis, the ball distance v(x)*t in the x direction in time t. But since there is gravity acting downwards along y direction there is a negative acceleration and the y coordinate is slowed down(during upward motion) proportional to t^2. Hence x and y coordinate are not related linearly as required for straight line motion. But the y term is related by some sort of square of x term as a result of curvature or bending exists(since second derivative of y art x is non zero)

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