I have found many sources to determine the weight or force needed for a balance moment, but not one that included the weight of the beam as a variable. I assume this is a very simple equation. Please help an old guy out. Thanks.

The beam is uniform and I know very little about physics. Believe it or not, this is for an art project about the theoretical weight of color.

I can get the 50 * 3 = 7x (21.428), but this does't include the beam weight.

balance wieght

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Use the Principle of Moments.

The weight of the bar will act at 5m point.

So, by the above Principle, at equilibrium,

Sum of clockwise moments = Sum of anticlockwise moments

$Or, \quad 7×x+10×2=3×50$

$Or, \quad 7x=150-20=130$

$Or, \quad x = 130/7 \approx 18.5714285714 \, lbs $

In the equation, 10×2 is because the fulcrum is 2m from the 5m point where the weight of the bar acts. All arm lengths are taken from the fulcrum.


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