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I've got a bucket of water in which a heating coil made of copper is submerged with a temperature Tc and because of a heating liquid inside the coil, the copper stays at that temperature Tc. How much water (Tw = 25°C) can be evaporated per hour per surface area of copper?

Is there a formula to insert different temperatures and area rates of the heater to find the evaporation rate if the water is heated?

For simplicity: Airtemperature equals room temperature and the air pressure is 1 atm. The water surface area = 0,06m².


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You have to first find out

  1. Heat required to convert Tw to Tc using H = Msd(T)
  2. Then heat to convert water to vapour by H = mL
  3. Then finally using above 2 question and rate give you will be able to find m of water
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