The conventional beyond Standard Model explanation of baryogenesis is that, within Grand Unified Theories (GUT), there exist some new heavy scalar bosons of mass $M_{\rm GUT}\sim10^{15}$ GeV, which induce baryon number violating processes in the very early Universe. However, in general, baryogenesis could happen at any time between the GUT phase transition and the electroweak phase transition at $\Lambda_{EW}\sim 10^2$ GeV.

Are there any specific models which motivate a scale of baryogenesis of around $10^4$ to $10^6$ GeV? I.e. are there any phenomenologically viable baryogenesis models requiring new scalar bosons at such an intermediate mass scale, which induce, e.g., $\Delta B=2$ processes of changing $qqq$ into $\bar{q}\bar{q}\bar{q}$?


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