Last time I found that question and even I spent a lot of time I didn't find any answer.

By mean value of matrix, I mean mean value of some operator. E.g. Pauli matrix. Can someone explain what the mean value of $$\sigma_1 =\{\frac{1}{2}, \frac{1}{2}\}$$ tells us?


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  • $\begingroup$ I wanted to know if can I deduce something about operators based on its mean value. $\endgroup$ – bawq Aug 10 '16 at 11:40

The expectation value of an operator in physics has the same meaning as the expectation value in measure theory: it gives the sum of the possible outcomes weighted with the corresponding probabilities.

In particular let $\hat{A}$ be a self-adjoint operator in quantum mechanics whose set of eigenvectors $|a\rangle$ such that $\hat{A}|a\rangle = a\,|a\rangle$ is a basis for the entire Hilbert space (i. e. an observable) and let $|\psi\rangle$ be a state upon which one wants to calculate the expectation value of $\hat{A}$. Given the above one can expand $$ |\psi\rangle = \sum_{a}c_a|a\rangle $$ and thus $$ \langle\psi|\hat{A}|\psi\rangle = \sum_{a'}\sum_a c_{a'}^* c_a \langle a'|\hat{A}|a\rangle = \sum_{a'}\sum_a c_{a'}^* c_a a' \delta_{a'a} = \sum_a a\,|c_a|^2 $$ where $|c_a|^2$ is the probability that a measurement of the observable $\hat{A}$ gives back the value $a$ onto the state at hand.


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