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I link 3 figures below .

enter image description here enter image description here

The white bulbs were on my backside on the ceiling as is visible in their reflection in the television. I was sitting almost between (length wise) the bulbs and the television. I took the photographs of their reflection in the LCD.

What are these crosses of rainbow coloured fringes?

Is it interference or diffraction?

And whatever of the 2 it is, how is it happening?

Why only 2 crosses of coloured fringes in the reflection of every bulb , when the angle of each bulb is different?

The bulbs were on my backside so Lloyd's mirror like explanation isn't possible.

Why only 2 crosses of coloured fringes are appearing in the reflection of all the bulbs when they are at different angles?

How is this being caused?

I don't know whether stack exchange is the right place to ask this question by uploading the pictures related to the question , but I couldn't find anyone who could give a reasoning and so I posted it here.

Ever more interesting is that the reflection of the CFL visible in 1st and 2nd pictures is not showing any such pattern.


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