First of all I define the convention I use.

The matrices $\bar{\sigma}^\mu$ I will use are $\{ Id, \sigma^i \}$ where $\sigma^i$ are the Pauli matrices and $Id$ is the 2x2 identity matrix. I will use the Chiral Fierz Identity $$(\bar{\sigma}^\mu)[\bar{\sigma}^\nu] = (\bar{\sigma}^\mu][\bar{\sigma}^\nu) + (\bar{\sigma}^\nu][\bar{\sigma}^\mu) - \eta^{\mu\nu}(\bar{\sigma}^\lambda][\bar{\sigma}_\lambda) + i\epsilon^{\mu\nu\rho\lambda}(\bar{\sigma}_\lambda][\bar{\sigma}_\rho)$$ where I used the Takashi notation.

Let us consider the left-handed component $\chi$ of a massless fermion field $\psi$ and the operator defined as $$\mathcal{O} = \chi^\dagger \bar{\sigma}^\mu\chi (\partial_\mu\partial_\nu\chi^\dagger)\bar{\sigma}^\nu\chi.$$

If I have use the Chiral Fierz identity I get $\mathcal{O} = 2\mathcal{O}$ where I used $\partial_\mu\partial^\mu \chi = 0$. So, I get $\mathcal{O}=0$.

This equality, if true, suggests me there is another way to show that this operator is null for massless fermions. Is there any way? Do you suggest anything?


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