A horizontal tube of radius $1\ \mathrm{mm}$ and length $40 \ \mathrm{cm}$ is connected to the bottom of a cubical tank of sides $100\ \mathrm{cm}$ containing water of viscosity $0.01 \ \mathrm{poise}$ . From the full tank, water is allowed to flow through the tube. Determine the time in which the tank will be half full.

My Attempt: Using Poiseuille's equation we get : $$ V=\frac{\pi P a^4}{8 \eta l} $$ where $V=$ total volume that passes through the tube per unit time.

$P=$ the pressure difference between the two sides of the tube,

$a,l$ are the radius and the length of the tube respectively and $\eta$ is the coeff. of viscocity of the liquid.

But here $P$ is a function of time. So I couldn't find it as a function of time.

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