I am working on a practice test for my optics class. The professor does not provide the solutions for the test. I was just wondering if someone could tell me if I am doing this correctly because it seems kind of simple but I am unsure.

A laser emits short pulses of duration 14.0 ps separated in time by 1.0 ns at a wavelength of 1 um. From one pulse to the next, the timing of field oscillations is kept perfectly coherent and phase stable using sophisticated feedback control.

What is the bandwidth of the source (in Hertz)?

I think the answer to this would be 1/t which is 1 /14 ps = 71 Ghz

I think it is just that simple but I want to know if I am wrong so I do not make that mistake on the actual test. Also just to clarify the bandwidth of the pulse is the range of frequencies in that pulse of light right?


About 30 GHz, according to this. Check "Bandwidth-limited Pulses". Because of Fourier transform, the product of the temporal duration and spectral width is ≈ 0.44 for Gaussian-shaped pulses. See also this.


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