If time has a beginning, must it not exist for some amount of "time"? If not, it exists from the point when existence started and if there was ABSOLUTELY no existence there may not exist something that created it, so it makes it obvious that something must exist for infinite amount of time in our universe. Am I wrong?


OK, i will tell you what this question related to in my opinion.

Let's imagine, that the upper theory is right (can exist with all physical issues), so leads to some elements or materials to exist with it, because time cannot exist by its own (if there is nothing, that can change its state the time cant change as well and cant start to create something), so there must be some dimension and time that exist for infinity, and if not there is now way it can physically appear. Am i right? this question relates to physics (for example: if there was no dimension and no time, there was no time and place for big bang, or other thing that changed it to its currently state).

P.S. I know that this is kind of a discussion, but just tell me, are there arguments that make this kind of thing wrong or this is true?

EDIT: Is this purely philosophical questions? I don't think so, but i may be wrong.


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