I was recently reading this, and Floris's answer confirmed my knowledge that the information of an collision travels at the speed of sound. While I was thinking about that, my mind wandered and I began thinking of "Calvin & Hobbes" comics.

My question arises when you think of the strips where Calvin falls, and ends up in a body-shaped hole. If an object was moving faster than the speed of sound, could it put an outline in whatever it hit? (Provided the substance was soft enough. Say, drywall.)

If a person hit a sheet of drywall moving fast enough so that neither object had time for the information of the impact to propagate through it, could you have a person-shaped hole in a piece of drywall? (Retaining detail, such as the outline of any outstretched fingers. For the sake of simplicity, we can assume this occurs in a vacuum so that we don't have to worry about the cone of pressurized air that you get at supersonic velocities.)


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