I have many questions about this topic:

  1. Does the electric field of a charged black hole look like this? I mean how can it have an electric field if nothing can escape from a black hole, and what is more, why would it be identical to a charged particle's field?

  2. In this Phys.SE question, what is the origin of the magnetic field of the black hole, can I say that because it's rotating and has a charge it produces a current and therefore a magnetic field?

  3. What is the origin of the magnetic field here? Is it created because of the disk of infalling matter, or does the black hole necessarly need to be charged and spinning around?

  • $\begingroup$ Light can escape a non-rotating black hole, but only along radial lines but will be infinitely red-shifted. However, black holes rotate so this idea is a little too simplified. Regardless, typically one assumes that the matter accreting into the hole is ionized and thus produces electromagnetic fields. So think of a charged spinning disk and the fields that would produce (for a very simplified model). $\endgroup$ Jan 1, 2015 at 18:38


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