Is there easily-available* software to simulate coils, solenoids, and other magnetic and electromagnetic devices?

I'd like to play around with some design ideas, such as Halbach arrays, but physics simulators like SketchyPhysics don't seem to have the laws of electromagnetism implemented.

(*"Easily-available" means "not cost prohibitive.")

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Try Finite Element Magnetics (Link FEMM)

enter image description here

Did I mention is free to download and use. Go figure !


There are a number of commercial packages you can use for such purposes.

Comsol multiphysics simulation software is a general purpose physics modelling software package that I belive can deal with electromagnitism. The link to their website is http://www.uk.comsol.com.

Ansys is another commercial vendor that provides a electromagnetic physics module. There website is http://www.ansys.com.

I hope this helps.


There are the EMS, an add-in to Solidowrks, so you can simulate in 3D: (payed).


Open source:

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You can draw virtual magnets and view theirr magnetic fields using www.pic2mag.com

It is a free download.

Pic2Mag Version v1.01 Released


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