By definition a conformal transformation of the coordinates is an invertible mapping $x\rightarrow x'$ which leaves the metric invariant upto a scale factor: \begin{equation} g_{\mu\nu}'(x') = \Lambda(x) g_{\mu\nu}(x) \end{equation}

I am facing problems in deriving the scale factor for special conformal transformation (SCT). This transformation has the finite form given as: \begin{equation} {x'}^{\mu} = \frac{x^{\mu}-b^{\mu}x^2}{1-2(b.x)+b^2x^2} \end{equation} I was trying to derive the scale factor for this transformation using the metric condition: \begin{equation} g_{\mu\nu}'(x') =\frac{\partial x^\sigma}{\partial {x'}^\mu}\frac{\partial x^\rho}{\partial {x'}^\nu}g_{\sigma\rho}= \Lambda(x) g_{\mu\nu}(x) \end{equation} I was not able to find out $\Lambda(x)$, however the final form of scale factor $\Lambda(x)$ is given in the book as: \begin{equation} \Lambda(x) = (1-2b.x + b^2x^2)^2 \end{equation}


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