I am an amateur physics enthusiast (during the day I am a police officer), and recently, I learned how to build an electroscope. I regret that I am learning how wonderful our universe is so late in my life, and I suppose it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks ( I do not know how to properly research a question, or really how to locate a correct answer surrounded by a lot of other information).

My question is this: On a simple electroscope, when one applies a charged object, the thin pieces of foil will separate, due to a separation of charges. However, I am curious as what factor balances the electric force of repulsion, so that the leaves do not continue to separate any further.


I am glad you are interested in physics.

As you know, the leaves of an electroscope are attached together by their bases, which generates a kind of force that we call tension.

The horizontal component of this tension force balances the electric force of repulsion.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the vertical component of the tension force balances the weight of the electroscope's leaves $\big($or, the mass of the leaves multiplied by the acceleration due to the earth's gravity $9.8\frac{\text{meters}}{\text{second}^2}\big)$.

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Distance. Electric fields weaken as the distance between them increases, so the force applied on the other leaf shrinks as the leaves separate. Eventually, the force from the electric field balances the force of gravity trying to pull the leaves back to their normal rest position, so the leaves cease to accelerate upwards.


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