I'm doing the variation of a Lagrangian respect to the metric, but I am having problem with a particular terminus. My action is:

$$ S=\int d^4x \sqrt{-g}[ (\nabla_\mu A^\mu)^2]$$

My lagrangian is:

$$\mathcal{L}=(\nabla_\mu A^\mu)^2$$

to get the energy tensor the formula is $$T_{\mu \nu} = -2 \frac{\partial \mathcal{L}}{\partial{g^{\mu \nu }}}-g_{\mu \nu}\mathcal{L} $$

The question is, is correct this procedure? $$T_{\mu \nu} = -2 \frac{\partial{(g^{\alpha n }\nabla_\alpha A_n)^2}}{\partial{g^{\mu \nu }}}-g_{\mu \nu}\mathcal{L}$$ $$ =-4(g^{\alpha n } \delta^\alpha _\mu \delta^n_\mu \nabla_\alpha A_n \nabla_\alpha A_n) -g_{\mu \nu}\mathcal{L}$$ $$= -4(\nabla_\alpha A^\alpha \nabla_\mu A_\nu)-g_{\mu \nu}\mathcal{L}$$

$A_\mu$ is like a electromagnetic field and $(\nabla_\mu A^\mu)^2$ is like a kinetic term


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