Has anyone tried to develop relativistic quantum theory along the lines of the Heisenberg picture and what's so difficult about promoting time to an operator??

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    $\begingroup$ There is a Heisenberg formalism of QFT. But in QFT, we don't promote the coordinates, we promote the fields, so the second part of your question doesn't mesh well with the first. $\endgroup$ – ACuriousMind Jul 12 '14 at 14:13
  • $\begingroup$ I am reading Srednicki and that's how he defines a Heisenberg formalism- as promoting time to an operator $\endgroup$ – pkjag Jul 12 '14 at 14:15
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    $\begingroup$ I've never read Srednicki, but that's not what the Heisenberg picture is. $\endgroup$ – ACuriousMind Jul 12 '14 at 14:19
  • $\begingroup$ Ok maybe i misinterpreted, but what's so hard about promoting time as an operator "The many times are the problem; any monotonic function of τ is just as good a candidate as τ itself for the proper time, and this infinite redundancy of descriptions must be understood and accounted for" trying to explain that in layman's terms might help!! $\endgroup$ – pkjag Jul 12 '14 at 14:23
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    $\begingroup$ Why time is not a good operator has been already discussed here, here, here and possibly at a hundred other questions, too. $\endgroup$ – ACuriousMind Jul 12 '14 at 14:30