Are there all the common optical devices like beam splitters, mirrors, polarizers, fibers, etc for photons with a wavelenght in the range of micro meters?

If so, how broad can the bandwidth be for the optical devices to work properly?

Consider for example a photon with a mean frequency of $10^{12}\,\text{Hz}$ (i.e. a wavelength of $300\,\mu\text{m}$). Will problems occur if the bandwidth of the photon is also in the range of $10^{11}\,\text{Hz}$ or $10^{12}\,\text{Hz}$?


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This falls into the "terahertz band" which has been getting a lot of attention recently. I'm not an expert in that area, but I can suggest you search "terahertz optics". I note that Newport Corporation has a line of terahertz components, along with some notes on their use. And there are many more vendors.


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