I am interested in measuring the concentration of CO2 from an open circuit respiration chamber where a sheep is living.

Known variables:

  • Concentration of CO2 of the air entering the chamber.
  • Concentration of CO2 of the air leaving the chamber. Note. These concentrations were carried out after the CO2 analyzer removed any water vapour from the sample coming from the chamber .
  • Altitude, atmospheric pressure.
  • Temperature and humidity of the air leaving the chamber.
  • Flow rate at which the air leaves the chamber.

Not being a physicist I would appreciate you tell me the equations needed rather than pointing me in vague direction.

Much appreciated.


  • $\begingroup$ I'm confused. You say that you're looking to measure the concentration of $\text{CO}_2$ from the respiration chamber, but then you list concentration of $\text{CO}_2$ of air leaving the chamber as a known quantity. $\endgroup$ – DumpsterDoofus Mar 28 '14 at 22:19
  • $\begingroup$ Perhaps you are trying to find the rate at which the sheep generates CO2? $\endgroup$ – mmesser314 Mar 29 '14 at 3:46

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