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Quantum mechanics is a rather rich-in-concept subject which you cannot learn from a single book. So in this answer I am providing a list of the books on the subject that I found to be useful in understanding the quantum world.

  • Principles of Quantum Mechanics (Dirac): A classic text by Dirac. Though the notation is old-fashioned, yet the best one to learn the conceptual ideas. Anyone reading at least the first chapter of this book should develop a love for the subject.
  • Quantum Mechanics (Landau): Another classic text. It is terse, comprehensive and heavy on exercises, but discusses topics that are not usually contained in other standard textbooks.
  • Quantum Mechanics (Cohen-Tannoudji): A comprehensive graduate level reference in two volumes. It is well written and discusses many useful applications.
  • Feynman Lectures (Volume-3): This one surely needs no introduction. A classic text that is heavy on concepts along with Feynman's insightful discusions. A must read for everyone interested in quantum mechanics.
  • Quantum Mechanics (Shankar): An introductory level text that starts with a discussion on necessary algebra. Shankar's explanations are quite different but elegant compared to other authors. This also includes discussion on path integrals.
  • Quantum Mechanics (Messiah): A classic, comprehensive text in two volumes. The notation is old fashioned but the elegant explanations makes it a must-read even today.
  • Quantum Mechanics: A modern introduction (Das and Melissinos): A well written text suitable for undergraduates. The discussion of Scattering Theory is the best part of the book.
  • A Modern Approach to Quantum Mechanics (Townsend): A comprehensive graduate level text that covers almost everything of a graduate course in quantum mechanics. But linear algebra is a prerequisite for this textbook.
  • Modern Quantum Mechanics (Sakurai): A comprehensive and modern introduction to quantum mechanics suitable for graduates. It also contains a rich collection of problem.
  • Lectures on Quantum Mechanics (Weinberg): An advanced level text suitable for graduate level that discusses many important discussion which are not usually found elsewhere.
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