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I cannot give a list. But I can indicate one achievement. The Zeilinger group proved in the last years that even complex molecule that can be found in the human body, display a quantum nature, i.e. have a wave-length can we can get interference with them. This thing in important in a major question asked in the quantum theory: where is the limit between the quantum mechanics and the classical mechanics. There are many variants of this question. For instance, show an object be BIG for requiring a classical, instead of a quantum mathematical treatment? And HOW BIG. The Zeilinger group gave an answer: big molecules can also produce interference. Here is reference,

Look for the article "The wave nature of biomolecules and fluorofullerenes", quant-ph/0309016 v1.

Anther form of this question is: should an object represent an "open system", i.e. in permanent contact with its environment for deserving a classical treatment? Well, the answer to this question is longer, and quite ambiguous.

I can indicate some application of atom-lasers. See for instance what writes a group of researchers from Switzerland, Ireland, Denmark, and Germany: "Similar to the principle of an electron microscope, atomic matter waves could be utilized to resolve structures on the nanometer scale ... In contrast to electrons, atoms exhibit an extremely small de-Broglie wavelength even at low energies."

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