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Started as A.A. Kirillov's student in rerpresentation theory in Moscow State University. Got PhD in 1999. Worked in ITEP Moscow for 10 years somewhere in between representation theory, integrable systems and algebraic geometry, in particular geometric Lanlgands and its connection to Hitchin-Gaudin integrable systems. Currently in industry: quantitative finance, previosly in wireless telecommunication doing applied math.: information theory, error-correcting codes, statistical estimation theory, numerical algorithms. Deeply worried about the ITEP very unfortunate situation: http://saveitep.org http://n-vetlitskaya.livejournal.com/241846.html Leading Russian research center is in danger. More than 850 scientists signed letter to president and prime-minister asking for help. Fields medalists M. Atiyah, L. Lafforgue, E. Witten, Nobel Prize winner D. Gross, mathematicians A. Beilinson, I. Cherednik, B. Dubrovin, P. Etingof, B. Feigin, A. Kirillov, I. Krichever, N. Reshetikhin, E. Vinberg, physicists J. Cardy (Oxford), M. Douglas, J. Froehlich, J. Maldacen (IAS), N. Nekrasov(IHES, ITEP), B. de Wit, are among them. You can join support letter here: https://sites.google.com/site/itep2012/english

Nature, 27.01.2012 , Geoff Brumfiel 'Russian physicists protest government consolidation' http://www.nature.com/news/russian-physicists-protest-government-consolidation-1.9921