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I'm a jack-of-all-trades kind of guy, a generalist, not a specialist. I like to learn and am drawn to challenges. I'm spending a lot of my current time learning enough physics to explore some ideas I have in quantum gravity.

I've been CEO of few startups ranging from 2 to 50 people and everything in between. I earned my living as a commodities trader in my early 20s, wrote a book about it that was a financial bestseller a few years back. I trade and write to earn my living.

I love to travel to out of the way places and live in beauty. I've lived perhaps three years of my life in other countries, some Europe, some South America, some S.E. Asia.

I've also been programming since I was 16, started on the Apple ][ Basic. I'm expert in C++ and know many more languages. My specialty is design of very complex high-performance systems. Objective-C with Cocoa on the Mac and iOS is what I use these days for UI. I hate Microsoft with a passion.