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comment How to start using IDL in 2015?
@ShanZhengYang Maybe GDL can be an alternative?
comment Novice interested in buying a used telescope. What questions should I ask?
It depends on what is your primary target, for example observation or photography would affect the importance of the mount type, also the type of objects; planetary versus deep space affect the importance of the features of the telescope. Maybe if you complement your current question with some information about your target, it will be easier to answer.
comment Software for Creating Custom Star Charts?
You're welcome! I made that image with Cartes du Ciel v3.0, just choose to print to a bitmap, instead of saving the image directly, this will create a .bmp file, then I opened the file with Irfanview and saved it as .png, I believe the GPL license of Cartes du Ciel will allow it, but the license of irfanview is for non-commercial use.
comment Software for Creating Custom Star Charts?
Would something like this image be acceptable?
comment How to identify the objects in an astrophoto, and what portion of the sky it covers?
Nothing at all, in fact I hope I'll be able to try the solution on one of my servers. I just want to broaden my knowledge of the current initiatives on the subject.
comment Why is the universe so organized?
The measurement of the increment of the distance to the moon has only been measured in the last 42 years. Certainly, as the distance increases, the gravitational force to the Earth decreases as an inverse square, which mean that the forces over the Moon are not in equilibrium and the tendency is not towards it. It would help having a clarification on the definition of 'stable orbit'.
comment Advice sought on choosing a camera for a Meade LX10
Extra recommendations: A common problem for astrophotographers is the collimation of the telescope, as it can be confused with poor focus. Collimate the telescope frequently, use a diffraction mask, as a bathinov mask, to achieve the best possible focus. Plan your sessions ahead. Good luck, and clear skies!