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Interested in: neuro/cognitive science and clinical applications, pedagogy, poetry, history incl. of science and engineering.

Avocational interest in evolution, most kinds of mechanics, astrophysics, geometry and its applications, big data biology.

I teach to learn better.

comment Determining axis of rotation from angular speeds about axes
ach, fair enough - thanks. Didn't do my due diligence on this one.
comment Light bulbs with voltage source or current source
+1 for invoking duality. Being alert to the idea of duality from math made learning circuits so much easier.
comment Interesting topics to research in mathematical physics for undergraduates
do you mean original research? Or fun beyond-class-material area? IMHO, probably the best thing you can have as an undergraduate wanting to do research is a great mentor--so maybe you want to talk to professors you know and like about what you could do that they'd be willing to guide you in.
comment Physics and Computer Science
fair, sorry--I voted to close because, indeed, I don't think this is a "real question." Despite the possibly useful answers below, this question is far too broad.