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I mostly self learn Physics, I don't have a degree.

I have a good grasp on:

  • physics we learned at high school.
  • A-level physics topics.
  • Special relativity.
  • Maxwell equations.

Topics I get the idea but still struggle with the mathematics:

  • General relativity. (have a good grasp on the Riemann curvature tensor, but yet to get a good intuitive grasp the Ricci tensor and stress-energy tensor).
  • Quantum mechanics. (I tend to stick to wave-functions with or without asterisk and operators, the asymmetric braket notation still look too alien to me.)

Topic I barely scratched the surface on:

  • Quantum field theory. (I think I got the idea of the Fock space and the annihilation and creation operators, but still need a lot of work understand how and why it works.)

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