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comment Fluids in thermodynamic equlibrium
Wow thanks! Yes I would really appreciate some pointers on how Boltzmann equation explains all this away.
comment Simple ohms law on a battery ? Paradox or conceptual error?
Thank you. Can we also say that if the battery has some kind of "inside" resistance R_in, the overall current in the battery is bounded by V/R_in and that for pencil batteries this maximum current turns out to be non-lethal?
comment What is the meaning of pressure of a gas
My physics fundamentals are pretty weak. But I feel this is a perfectly valid question, which does not seem to be answered in most physics books which I have read. When I asked a prof for a quick introduction to fluid mechanics he recommended me Chorin MArsden. IF you can recommend me some good books/sources on experimental physics that would be great. Thanks!
comment What is the meaning of pressure of a gas
Thank you for the answer. I have quoted Chorin Marsden exactly and there the pressure function is given to be independent of the orientation of the wafer at position x. (i.e. p(x,t) and not p(x,t,n) ). Even I feel this definition is incorrect, but thats the way it is printed :(