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What happens at physics.StackExchange has nothing to do with scientific peer review. The site is dominated by a mob of vengeful enthusiasts using the right to downvote to express resentment about questions they can’t approach* and cowardly retaliate my criticism of their ignorance (was at −3 once), while Ī have been banned* (the discussion was decimated by David Z). They form a social network with a collective mindset very different from one of scientific community, although many persons might have an academic employment.

This site is doomed to remain an amateur project forever. If you are an expert, then any your post adds an opportunity for the dominant populace to play thoughtlessly with “+/−”. If you are a student, then do not hope to see much feedback from experts: their votes and comments will be buried under piles of popular ones, or censored. Do not linger a single day more on the site where experts are similarly defenseless as in Wikipedia , the ignorant outnumber the knowledgeable and enjoy the same rights. Turn your back to physics.StackExchange, learn physics from sources that undergo an actual review, and go anywhere else to spread the knowledge. Make the case for your friends to do the same. Check for your postings in social media that might (even inadvertently) promote this site, then edit or delete these. See you at other StackExchange sites and, possibly, somewhere else in the Internet.

* Please, do not upvote aforementioned my postings. Let physics.StackExchange denounce itself by its own social-networky assessment habits.

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