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I'm a physics and astronomy nerd, hoping to study astrophysics in college (yes, I'm only 16). I'm currently interested in star formation, circumstellar disks and (inexplicably) Thorne–Żytkow objects.

I'm highly active on Worldbuilding, Physics, and Astronomy, and I pop in quite a bit to Engineering, Space Exploration and Skeptics.

I'm a pro-tem mod on HSM - come visit! I also do community moderation tasks on any site I can - flagging, editing, voting, casting close and re-open votes. . . I'm active on a bunch of site metas and chat. The upshot of all this is that if you need to contact me about a Stack Exchange issue, you can find me somewhere.

In the end, it was the Sunday afternoons he couldn't cope with, and that terrible listlessness that starts to set in about 2:55, when you know you’ve taken all the baths that you can usefully take that day, that however hard you stare at any given paragraph in the newspaper you will never actually read it, or use the revolutionary new pruning technique it describes, and that as you stare at the clock the hands will move relentlessly on to four o’clock, and you will enter the long dark teatime of the soul.

Don't Panic.

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