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Me? I'm a long-time IT person, playing since 1976. I am a bit of a synthesist, getting involved with just about every aspect of the game from circuit design and repair to high-level programming, from soldering circuit boards to designing and implementing multi-server, multi-site networks across countries. I've programmed from machine language to C# - but I'm reaching my limits there :(

I'm a generalist, hard-wired to learn about anything and everything IT or communications (wired/radio/optical) related.

Through forces beyond my control I have had to focus on Intel/Microsoft/Cisco products but break away and toss myself into the real world whenever possible.

Unfortunately all of this means that I'm not an expert at anything and need the help of real experts when the nitty gets gritty.

For a hobby I am a volunteer fire fighter. It gets me out of the house :)

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