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I'm currently a student of physics at the University of Heidelberg.

My interests lie in theoretical physics of all kinds, and currently I am most fluent in gauge theory. I'm particularly interested in most forms of QFT.

My profile picture is obviously not of me, but if you know where it is from, you're awesome.

Having all the answers just means that you've been asking boring questions.

"The more we learn about the world, and the deeper our learning, the more conscious, specific, and articulate will be our knowledge of what we do not know, our knowledge of our ignorance." ~ Karl Popper

"Rigor cleans the window through which intuition shines." ~ Ellis D. Cooper

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comment Making precise the statement “particles are excitations in a quantum field”
@CuriousOne: It would be very good if the distinction between classical particle - blob of matter - and quantum particle - state created by some kind of creation operator, that can be seen to behave somewhat like a classical particle in some contexts - would be made clearer, yes.
answered Wave function in quantum mechanics
answered Making precise the statement “particles are excitations in a quantum field”
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comment Why two-particle wavefunctions are separable and their corresponding particles are indistiguishable at the same time?
"In this treatment, we ignore the interaction between two particles so that the initial wavefunction can be written as a product. However, since they are indistinguishable particles, their wavefunction must overlap more or less, otherwise we need infinite potential wells." [citation needed] We don't ignore the interation, non-entangled states are perfectly possible as results of interactions, and "overlap of wavefunctions" has intrinsically nothing to do with this.
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comment Solution of one dimensional wave equation by variable separation method
Have you looked at the solutions when you choose the constant positive?
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comment How one can know the gauge field emerging from the local gauge invariance is actually the EM field?
OP seems focused on the "EM field" fulfilling Maxwell's equations. Any $\mathrm{U}(1)$ field will fulfill Maxwell's equations, just perhaps for a current other than the electromagnetic one.
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comment What unit of distance to use when calculating power loss?
Write down the full law by which you say that "power attenuates inversely as the square of the distance". You will see that it is not as simple as merely multiplying the original power with the inverse of the distance squared. (For one, the units are wrong, since W and W/m^2 are not both units of power)