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comment What's the common consensus on the meaning of “physical change”?
Thank you. Though didn't scientists vote whether or not to let Pluto be considered (by H. sapiens) a planet or not? Or "conventional current" in the field of electronics?
comment Getting back out of an Alcubierre warp bubble
Thanks, Stan. Is it wrong to picture space as a grid like in the picture dhillonv10 included? Because I was thinking that to be somewhere far away and stay there after the bubble is gone, you eventually have to step over a whole lot of grid lines (or does your bubble literally cut the lines?), and that seems like traveling "through" space, where the speed of light limits you. What would you translate the 1)lines, and 2)spaces between the lines, to be when interpreting the grid visualization of space?
comment Getting back out of an Alcubierre warp bubble
endolith specified my unstated assumption, that upon traveling to some distant star system, since you never moved through space, once you turn off the bubble, and the space behind you contracts back to its normal state and the space in front of you expands back to its normal state, you're back where you started. You could "visit" distant places, but you could never get out of your car and stay, it would seem.
comment Why would colder air disperse condensation on a car windshield?
I just had an idea, but I'm not hep to how proper it is to answer one's own question. Maybe the colder air has lower humidity, so the vapor pressure is lower, enabling more water molecules from the windshield to get up, while if the hotter air is more humid, that would prevent the water molecules on the surface, even if they got more energy from the heat in the air.
comment Using heat energy to increase temperature
Thanks. I've started to read the Wikipedia article on heat pumps, evaporators, and condensers, and am starting to get it. So I'd get an evaporator on my bathtub side to get my refrigerant below the tub temp so heat flows from the tub water to the refrigerant, then route the refrigerant to the cup side where a condenser uses pressure to get the refrigerant's temp higher than the cup water so heat flows from the refrigerant to the cup water, then back to the evaporator with the refrigerant to repeat.