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comment What books are good about reproducing physical experiments?
It's a wonderful book but it should be noted that the target audience is more junior or senior level undergrads at best. Many departments use this one for their senior or first year grad student labs.
comment Best Research Documentation Habit for Computational Physics Research
This may seem off-topic at first glance but the problem of code management and documentation is about knowing how to use your tools. If this was about how best to care for a beam splitter on an optics bench would this be off-topic? And certainly from the perspective of a group/collaboration leader in any data heavy physics it is important. Coding and doc management tools are used by computational physicists, high-energy physicists, and other groups in physics all the time. If the tools of physics are on-topic then question most certainly is as well.
comment Future of colliders and technical limitations
Just to get behind user758556 -- so far the best we've been able to do is create a quark-gluon plasma and study this as a phase of matter. Experiments like PHENIX at BNL whip gold ions around and smash them together to 'melt' the nucleons and release the quarks and gluons inside. They quickly decay and we try to infer properties of the QGP by observing the particles which are produced as it all cools. No one knows how to steer quarks b/c we don't know enough about the strong interaction to control them.
comment Why does the weak force distinguish left and right handedness?
@dmckee Good point. It's been a while since I've active in particle phyiscs. I gotta do a refresh on that.
comment Phase of Elements
What's the flaw in the logic? I'd like to know why this wouldn't work so I can correct my thinking on this.
comment Is there literature on a continuous mass spectrum for the Higgs field?
I'd send an email to Sally Dawson at BNL who was one of the authors of 'The Higgs Hunter's Guide': Her home page at the lab is I'm sure if there's anyone who can answer your question it'd be her. She's the chair of the physics department at the lab these days and if she doesn't know the answer then she'll know who to point you to.
comment What type of solar energy technology has the most future potential?
I hate to say it but I can't actually disagree with you. :) A strong coupling of physics insight and understanding with an MBA is likely to be a combo that will get you where you want to go. Good luck Sarah!