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To download Linux's Algol68 Compiler, Interpreter & Runtime:


indent - changes the appearance of a C program by inserting or deleting whitespace and curly brackets.

indent [options] [input-files]
indent [options] [single-input-file] [-o output-file]
indent --version

The indent program can be used to make code easier to read. It can also convert from one style of writing C to another.

-bad, --blank-lines-after-declarations Force blank lines after the declarations.

-bap, --blank-lines-after-procedures Force blank lines after procedure bodies.

-bbb, --blank-lines-before-block-comments Force blank lines before block comments.

-bbo, --break-before-boolean-operator Prefer to break long lines before boolean operators.

-bournegol, --get-rid-of-those-nasty-curly-brackets

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