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When not programming I spend much of my free time avoiding the task of writing bios.

Currently having some fun with lock-free mutable collections at http://hackcraft.github.com/Ariadne/

comment How do microwaves heat moisture-free items?
If you are going to do this experiment, be careful as to the plastic you use; some (e.g. the melamine used in "unbreakable" plates and cookware) will not only heat up considerably but can also crack explosively and/or release formaldehyde. Stinks up your kitchen for ages.
comment How come squeezing a water bottle makes the water come out?
If the volume is constant, why can you not squeeze a bottle as much with the cap screwed on?
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comment Why does Stephen Hawking say black holes don't exist?
"Most physicists foolhardy enough to write a paper claiming that “there are no black holes”...would probably be dismissed as cranks". Unfortunately, most journalists writing such a sentence, and burying "at least not in the sense we usually imagine" as a parenthetical cop-out, would not be dismissed as cranks. If modern journalism had been around when it was discovered that planets weren't "wandering stars", it would have been reported as "top astronomer says planets don't exist".
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