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My name is Tamás Gál, I am a physicist and do on my PhD at the Erlangen Centre for Astroparticle Physics (ECAP).

I am working on the future neutrino telescope KM3NeT and develop quasi online analysis tools and live muon reconstruction algorithms.

In addition to that, I work as a freelancer developer and graphic designer.


comment Does a guitar sound different in zero (or micro) gravity?
I like your answer, but the last sentence saying "…moving the string from vacuum to the Earth's gravitational field…" hurts very badly. Theoretically you can't leave the Earths gravitational field at all. You mean, going back from free fall…
comment Why Won't a Tight Cable Ever Be Fully Straight?
See my example, I hope it's more clear now ; )
comment Gas Circulation Using Pressure Difference
Upload it somewhere and add a link.
comment Is period of rotation relative?
But that doesn't mean, that the pulsar is rotating 0.15 slower in the observers space-time. Also the time dilation of a particle in the pulsars system changes periodically, since it's relative speed is not constant compared to the observer (going back and forth). That's basically the same effect when you observe a rotating galaxy and see a red shift on the one side and a blue one on the opposite side.
comment Angle between acceleration and velocity
This is the second simple question regarding your homework… You should consider reading your book and lecture notes, since you won't learn that much if you let your problems solved by others.