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comment Instantaneous current after battery unplugged in RL circuit?
With regards to your first point, are you saying that the new loop will have current everywhere equal to $I_2$ after the switch is thrown open? Why $I_2$ and not $I_3$? Is it because the current "being lagged" is the one going through the inductor, and that's the only current remaining when the switch is thrown. Do I understand that correctly?
comment Forces and torques about the CENTER OF MASS of a physical pendulum
That's fine if the velocities appear in the equation, but I'd be fantastic if you could elaborate on that relationship
comment Is it theoretically possible for the orientation angle of a projectile to remain exactly equal to the orientation of velocity?
I didn't even think of arrows or lawn darts. The dart example makes sense. I was correct in assuming that the situation couldn't occur without torque, but there is a restoring torque that arises from air resistance. Thanks for the answer.
comment Is this simulation following real physics?
Actually, I'm going to have to post a new question. After looking at the math, I'm not sure that there IS a way for the spear to naturally align perfectly with the velocity vector. I don't think it's achievable in a fair simulation. I'll post my own question about this later; now I'm curious.
comment Is this simulation following real physics?
Well I'm not ALL to familiar with Box2D, but there might be some sort of way you can directly set the angle at each step of the simulation, in which case you can just make it the same angle as the velocity vector. If you want to do the proper way, however, you'll also have problems with the spearhead being 15x as dense as the spear body. You'll probably want to make it uniform density, thus putting the center of mass at the center of the rod. As for the mathematics of initial angular velocity <=> initial linear velocity I'll have to work it out and put it in an edit.