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As the insanely broad application of the term "homework-like" by the dominating crop of users and the corresponding closure and stigmating of (up to research-level) questions plays havoc with technical theoretical physics content, I am now active on

PhysicsOverflow: a new higher-level physics site

Today, Physics SE is overmoderated by too many users who despite their >3000 rep are not competent enough and overreach their state of physics knowledge, who are neither interested in nor knowledgeable about advanced (theoretical) topics at a technical level, but strongly represent the SE philosophy and goals. Legitimate technical questions (high-level ones too) are stigmated and closed as homework, fundamental physics questions are closed as philosophy, good/excellent questions are closed abusing any pretext on a regular basis. Some high rep users even explicitely attack legitimate TP topics. The same people who wrongly close good questions prevent anything from getting reopend too. My participation here has therefore stopped.

Since Ron Maimon has been driven away (by external SE forces against the will of the then on Physics SE active community) at the beginning of December 2012 and many other experts have left too, this is no longer the reasonably high level Physics.SE of physicists and physics enthusiasts I loved, enjoyed, and appreciated during almost two years.

Apart from the striking downgrading of the physics level (sporadic higher level questions about advanced topics get sometimes even downvoted or closed!) and the fact that technicak questions about fundamental topics I am interested in are officially prevented, too many very bad things, which should not occur on a serious physics site that upholds the scientific integrity, are now happening on Physics SE on a regular basis. The dominant people in power being only interested in policing and blindly enforcing rules that are orthogonal to a free academic community, drives academics, active researchers and students of physics and astronomy away, and prevents the site from recovering from the heavy blow it had to take on December 2012.

Experts are not taken serious, they have nothing to say for example about what questions are allowed, people interested in doing advanced higher level physics are no longer welcome, trolling about legitimate mainstream (theoretical) physics is allowed or even endorsed as it gets upvoted by the crowd and even supported by certain moderators.