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I'm a Physics PhD (1) who, due to getting a non-academic career started, cannot spend nearly as much time on this site (much to my dismay) as I was able during my grad school days--this basically means that I probably won't be answering too many more questions. Which is okay because most of my time on this site was spent doing community moderation, including: close voting, retagging, flagging, commenting and downvoting2. All of these are absolutely necessary to ensure the continued quality content to this site, so if you like this site & want to see it continue, gain some rep and help out in the review queues.

Among other SE sites3, SE Chat is actively blocked at my work, so in case you want to contact me, my email address is:

kylekanos [at] yahoo [dot] com

Note that I'm often busy (working 11-hour days has its downsides), so replies to emails may not be immediate (or at all, depending on the content).

(1) Computational models of supernova remnants, cf. my profile image, which is from a simulation used in my dissertation
(2) Prior to my reduced role, I was #1 in Close Votes, First Posts & Low Quality Reviews, #2 in Late Answer Reviews, #3 in Reopen Votes & Suggested Edits Reviews; I was also #3 (sans the Community bot) on the list of most cast downvotes.
(3) Given the financial context of my career, it makes sense that SO and Math would be allowed. Oddly, however, Physics is allowed but TeX and Stats are not allowed, despite the regular use of their subject matter by my team.

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